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    ALPS, Active Learning Practice for Schools, is an electronic community dedicated to the improvement and advancement of educational instruction and practice


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    European Schoolnet (EUN) is a network of 31 Ministries of Education in Europe and beyond.
    European Schoolnet’s activities are divided among three strands of work:
    Policy, research and innovation
    Schools services
    Learning resource exchange and interoperability

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    Modeling Instruction Program

    The Modeling Instruction Program is dedicated to

    •Research-based reform of physics instruction at all grade levels
    •Sustained professional growth and support for physics teachers



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    The science education team is focused on finding and developing compelling examples in which technology can be used to enhance science instruction.


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    MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program and K-12 Education Projects



  • OlympTavlProbGalileoEdNetw.jpgGalileo Educational Network

    "Galileo Educational Network creates, promotes and disseminates innovative teaching and learning practices through research, professional learning and fostering external collaborations. Galileo works with students, teachers and policy makers across Canada both onsite and online."


  • Education High Reliability Schools
    "The ’High Reliability Schools’ (HRS) concept was created in the mid-1990’s as an answer to global calls for school reform, in which many other projects had failed. The HRS project, which developed from this concept, was first implemented in schools in the UK in 1994, using CfBT funding, and since this time, has been achieving a remarkable level of success."

    Kritik av School Effectiveness Research: 1) Goldstein and Woodhouse 2) Luyten, Visscher and Witziers 3) Sandoval 3) Martin Thrupp


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